[ros-bugs] [Bug 6407] REGRESSION: msi:msi fails 6 tests since rpcrt4 winesync

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Sat Oct 8 21:56:19 UTC 2011


BrentNewland <brent.newland at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from BrentNewland <brent.newland at gmail.com>  2011-10-08 21:56:19 CET ---
Debug output from same command:

WARNING:  RtlSetUnhandledExceptionFilter at
P:\Trunk_slave\x86_CMake\build\lib\rtl\exception.c:186 is UNIMPLEMENTED!
(P:\Trunk_slave\x86_CMake\build\ntoskrnl\ps\query.c:1268) Unsupported or
unimplemented: 22
(P:\Trunk_slave\x86_CMake\build\ntoskrnl\se\semgr.c:299) SidInToken Calls:
fixme:(P:\Trunk_slave\x86_CMake\build\dll\win32\ole32\storage32.c:7255) Storage
share mode not implemented.
err:(P:\Trunk_slave\x86_CMake\build\dll\win32\ole32\storage32.c:6137) not
enough blocks in chain to write data

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