[ros-bugs] [Bug 143] csrss: GUI console windows should belong to the console process

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Shinobu Maehara <congruwer at yahoo.co.uk> changed:

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--- Comment #8 from Shinobu Maehara <congruwer at yahoo.co.uk>  2011-10-14 00:55:10 CET ---
Note that there are downsides to having the console windows implemented inside
CSRSS. It makes it hard to replace the console window with some other
implementation (for power users who want advanced functionality) and it is also
the reason why in Windows XP console windows cannot be themed. So in the long
term it would be nice to move the actual windows outside of CSRSS (I believe
that's what Microsoft eventually moved them to a separate conhost.exe process).
If we can move the console windows into the separate console application's
processes, we wouldn't need to lie, but we'd need a way to transfer a console
window on process termination. I don't know which is harder.
If Windows lies about console windows, I suspect the primary reason is to make
Task Manager work right for console applications.

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