[ros-bugs] [Bug 6247] DropBox v1.1.31 fails to install

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Sun Mar 4 11:00:45 UTC 2012


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--- Comment #3 from crazy4chrissi <reactos at mail.christosoft.de>  2012-03-04 11:00:44 CET ---
I can confirm the problem with 1.2.52 and ReactOS-0.3.14-QEMU

I chose Debug mode on startup and these lines showed up while installing
Dropbox. Tell me if I could provide any more helpful debug logs.

(dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrinit.c:1587) We don't support LOAD_CONFIG data yet
(lib\rtl\actctx.c:874) Unsupported yet language attribute (*)
(ntoskrnl\ps\query.c:1609) No execute support not implemented
(dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrutils.c:1322) LDR: LdrpMapDll Relocating Image Name ufatx.dll
(5B570000 -> 00952000)
(dll\ntdll\ldr\ldrutils.c:1361) Overlapping DLL: C:\ReactOS\system32\ufat.dll
(ntoskrnl\se\semgr.c:299) SidInToken Calls: 30000
(ntoskrnl\mm\mmfault.c:144) Address: 831e2333
(ntoskrnl\ke\i386\exp.c:1089) Kill Dropbox.exe, ExceptionCode: c0000005,
onAddress: 7c705734, BaseAddress: 400000
(ntoskrnl\se\semgr.c:299) SidInToken Calls: 40000
(ntoskrnl\se\semgr.c:299) SidInToken Calls: 50000
(ntoskrnl\se\semgr.c:299) SidInToken Calls: 60000
(ntoskrnl\se\semgr.c:299) SidInToken Calls: 70000

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