[ros-bugs] [Bug 6247] DropBox v1.1.31 fails to install

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--- Comment #4 from vicmarcal <vicmarcal at hotmail.com>  2012-03-07 12:37:23 CET ---
Thanks for your debug log.
Seems Dropbox is being killed(the installer closes automatically).
In order to obtain a better DebugLog, please perform the following steps:
1)Run ReactOS in Debug Mode.Reach to the Desktop.
2)Press TAB+K (This blocks the mouse and stalls ReactOS, don't worry. Any input
since now is going to be catched by the Debugger)
3)Write the next line(without quotes) in ReactOS window:"set condition * first
always" (you won't see nothing written in ReactOS window, but if you look Putty
or the file where you are logging it, you will see the sentence been written)
4)Check in your Putty window or in the File that the sentence "set condition *
first always" appears correctly
5)Go to the ReactOS window again and Hit Enter
6)After hitting "Enter", write "cont" without quotes in the ReactOS window  and
hit enter again.
7)Now ReactOS is again usable. You have left the Debugger.
8)Run the Installer
9)Now the Dropbox installer won't die. The whole System will stall. The
Debugger has automatically "jumped" and has taken the control.
10) In the ReactOS window write "bt" (without quotes again).
11) Paste the new Debuglog
12) Thanks!

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