[ros-bugs] [Bug 6988] crash when install 3COM nic (3C905CX-TX-M)

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Wed Mar 28 21:09:21 UTC 2012


--- Comment #1 from netzimme <netzimme at googlemail.com>  2012-03-28 21:09:21 CET ---
i think the problem is that the Interface is NULL in ReconfigureAdapter.
so when check this like this

    PLAN_ADAPTER Adapter = Context->Adapter;
    PIP_INTERFACE Interface = Adapter->Context;
    //NDIS_STATUS NdisStatus;
    IP_ADDRESS DefaultMask;

    if (Interface != NULL)

    Adapter->State = Context->State;

    return TRUE;

all seems to be okay an the nic driver will work. 

tested on real hardware

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