[ros-bugs] [Bug 6687] Using serial ports for more than debug problems

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Mon May 28 03:40:41 UTC 2012


--- Comment #3 from pbreneman <info at TurboControl.com>  2012-05-28 03:40:40 CET ---
The previous rel (provided to me by hto) was r54725.

I just installed and tested r56661 dbg and COM2 now seems to work! Even with
the default bootup choice (where it doesn't send any debugging info out COM1)
COM1 still fails to send properly and still doesn't receive anything. Hopefully
I can now use r56661 and figure out how to get both COM1 and the LAN ports
working. It sure would be nice to have two serial ports and Ethernet working!

The most recent serial debug terminal is now available for Linux i386 and Linux
ARM systems as well as i386 Win32 systems on this page:

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