[ros-dev] What I have learned on my time off (LinuxWorld)

Jason Filby jason.filby at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 10:07:57 CET 2004


>1. We need a roadmap for the future.


>2. We have to have regression testing in place.

Yes - Casper's doing a lot of great work on this; with regards to
WineHQ tests, well, we'll have to see if we can't find a way to
integrate them. Right now let's just focus on getting the Continuous
Integration System going.

>3. We need to improve our documentation and website.

I've already thought about this a lot; definitely a wiki for the
Library - with access only to devs to make changes; a wiki doesn't
have to allow just anyone to make a change and I don't think that's a
good idea. I've already introduced MedaWiki at work (it powers
Wikipedia.com) and would really want to get this on reactos.com for
our Library -- probably a few other pages as well.

I don't want to see a wiki only site. A wiki doesn't enforce
structure, which is nice for something like a blog or list of
compatible hardware/software, or forum. We'll use the best software
suited to the job -- this means that a lot of effort will have to go
into integration: search but more importantly login.

It's just that to get there is a ton of work! The website needs its
own roadmap, for sure.

>4. We need to develop relationships with vendors.

Yeah, as you said, once we're a bit further on.

>5. Moving to subversion.

>There still seems to be some problems with this and while we all seem
>to look forward to it, CVS is doing its job for the moment. GvG has
>offered to setup a CVS mirror to help with some of the bandwith
>problems of mok.

This has to get done as the Continuous Integration System will work on

>In closing it was very cool to get to meet all of the developers that
>were able to make it, I feel like we are going in the right direction
>and I look forward to your feedback.

Thanks to all the developers that attended and the great job done in
representing the project!!


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