[ros-dev] Race Condition?

Aliberti Emanuele ea at iol.it
Sun Nov 7 23:34:55 CET 2004

Hi Eric

>Most of these issues should get fixed by the attached patch. It replaces the
>hive locks and hive list lock (executive resources) by a global registry
>lock. The result is that only a single thread can modify the registry.
what is the general criterion (if one exists) one should use when 
choosing a synchronization object to use in kernel mode code?

I ask you this question, because a possible race condition was reported 
by Gé in the LPC code.
As a preliminary step in fixing that, I introduced a FAST_MUTEX to queue 
threads that use the LPC facility.
Now I see that you use an ERESOURCE to fix the same problem in the CM.


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