[ros-dev] ReactOS eating CPU time

Andreas Bjerkeholt andreasb at ktg.se
Tue Nov 16 22:36:00 CET 2004

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From: Casper Hornstrup
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Subject: RE: [ros-dev] ReactOS eating CPU time

> I'm pretty sure my problem is not the same. I don't boot into GUI
> and I let ReactOS be idle for a while and the VMware monitor still
> use all CPU time. With Linux it does the same until a few seconds
> after leaving GRUB. Then CPU usage varies until Linux is idle and
> yhen CPU usage is almost zero. I suspect maybe it is due to Linux
> utilizing power management and VMware recognizes it or something
> like that.
> Casper


I'm also on Windows 2003 Server and I do not have this problem. When ReactOS
is idle, VMware takes 0% CPU.
I have configured the guest OS as WindowsNT, do you have any other setting?
I'm running VMWare 4.5.2... Like K McI said, maybe you should try updating.

/Andreas Bjerkeholt

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