[ros-dev] core reorg. request

Eric Kohl eric.kohl at t-online.de
Tue Nov 23 14:42:52 CET 2004

"Gunnar Dalsnes" <hardon at online.no> wrote:

> Does anyone object agains:
> -moving every NtXxx functions into new files under ntoskrnl\nt?

I don't think it makes sense because most of the Nt functions are just
wrappers around underlying object functions (eg. NtSetEvent/KeSetEvent).
IMHO, moving the Nt functions closer to the underlying objects makes more
sense (nt/ntevent.c --> ke/ntevent.c) and keep the original names of the
objects file so we will have 'ke/event.c' and 'ke/ntevent.c'.

> -moveing functions related to ob managed types into new files (thrdobj.c,
> procobj,c, eventobj.c, fileobj.c etc)?
>This will make it clearer where the functions are and what they do.

So thrdobj.c is more descriptive than for example ps/thread.c? Hmmm!?


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