[ros-dev] RE: [ros-diffs] [CVS reactos] FPU/SSE state savingontaskswitching, FPU and SSE exception support.

Anich Gregor blight at blight.eu.org
Thu Nov 25 13:18:34 CET 2004


On Thursday 25 November 2004 01:02, Hartmut Birr wrote:
> Hi,
> with one little change, your patch works perfect on my smp machine. It must
> be changed a 'movl' to a 'movb':

My bad, of course it must be movb, not movl - sorry!

> I've expand your test program a little bit. It works now with four threads.
> - Hartmut

Yeah i guessed something like four threads would be better than two for 
reliability on SMP.

I will commit the changes today or sometime soon (with the movl change to movb 
of course)

Thank you,

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