[ros-dev] Short leave of absence

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Tue Apr 5 19:10:31 CEST 2005


I am currently entering the last 5 weeks of school of my last year, so 
I'm going to be focusing on that instead of ReactOS. Lately, I've tried 
to work on both, but this has delayed my code as well as hurt my grades. 
I intend to be back around the week of May 10th.

In the meanwhile, I would kindly like to ask developers to e-mail me if 
they have any plans to touch the following:

- Kernel Scheduler, Thread Creation, Context Switching, System 
Initialization. I have re-written everything for a faster and more 
complete system based on NT semantics. Includes everything from realtime 
support, proper dynamic and static priorities, real system thread 
support, much faster scheduling, pre-emption, removal of the PEB/TEB 64K 
block hack and ros-only members, better organized code and Mm routines 
for manipulating kernel stack/teb/peb, etc...

- Pushlocks. I have almost all the necessary support code written and 
I'm only missing one function.

- IRQL management in HAL and Spinlocks. I have highly modified the IRQL 
routines for a large increase in speed, as well as made spinlocks faster 
on UP and non-debug builds. I have also corrected some IRQL routines to 
use the proper KPCR members for the IRR and others.

- Object Manager. I have a complete re-write in progress which uses 
public NT structures instead of our internal ones, adds more security, 
and corrects some missing features and adds some. Majorly changes some 
aspects of the Ob (for example regarding on the status of handle/pointer 
count after creating an object, and the work of ObCreate/ObInsertObject, 
which is totally different in ROS vs NT. See blog article for more 
info). However, any bugs that are easy to fix should still be fixed in 
the current Ob. The new one is months away.

- Queued Spin Locks, KGATES, Guarded Mutex. I already know Filip is 
working on this and I was planning on collaborating with him. Unlike the 
previous things, I haven't actually *coded* anything regarding these, 
but I have the design in my head and would like to work on it, so I 
would love to share what I know if anyone is actively interested in 
working on it.

Once again, to clear up any misconceptions, I'm asking an email to know 
if anyone plans to work on this for the purposes of:
1) Not duplicating work
2) Sharing what information/code I might have written.

In any case, I'll be back in exactly one month, so I don't think it'll 
matter. You guys keep focusing on PnP and other stuff meanwhile, okay? 

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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