[ros-dev] Error handling

Nate DeSimone desimn at rpi.edu
Wed Apr 13 23:13:29 CEST 2005

Phillip Susi wrote:

> There is nothing inherently wrong with goto, it's only bad when it 
> makes the code less readable.  When used carefully, like in this case, 
> it creates code that is _more_ readable, not less, and that's clearly 
> a good thing.  Also as I said before, the problem is not a lack of 
> SEH, as I believe that is now supported by gcc so we could use it, but 
> rather the problem is that virtually none of the NTAPI uses SEH.  In 
> order for SEH to be beneficial, it's use has to be widespread.

Ok, yes I agree that lacking SEH, gotos definately are more elegant 
solution than a bunch of nested if statements.  However thinking forward 
a little bit, I recall that the use of gotos in your code can introduce 
security vunerabilities and that you have to be very careful whenever 
you use a goto, since we want ReactOS to be a mainstream OS we better do 
a better job with security than MS.  So may I recommend that the final 
error handling boilerplate be double checked so that you can't get it to 
jump to anouther address in memory than the intended address.

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