[ros-dev] 0.2.7?

magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Sat Apr 30 02:57:18 CEST 2005

I think we should wait until 0.3.0 are ready.
and I do not see any real reason to make 0.2.7 release.

Quoting WaxDragon <waxdragon at gmail.com>:

> I would like to see a 0.2.7 release soon.  0.3.0 is getting closer
> every day, but it's not there yet IMHO.  On the other hand, we have
> had lots of big patches from Mr. Ionescu (and others), major changes,
> go in and appear to be stable since we have released 0.2.6.  I would
> like to see us have another release in this lull, instead of having a
> release right after committing a pile of patches *right before* the
> release like we did with 0.2.6.
> I know it's been less than a month since 0.2.6, but my the time we
> branch and do a couple RC's, it will have been over a month.
> I just have this feeling that we miss some regressions from release to
> release, since alot of us just use HEAD on a regular basis?
> Just my $0.2US
> WD
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> "<tinus_> and also win32k should be fixed up a bit"
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