[ros-dev] 0.2.7?

Michael B. Trausch fd0man at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 09:42:09 CEST 2005

reactos wrote:
> Good idea, but ones a month is to frequent, people will get tired of
> testing new versions that they can't see any difference between. I
> think it has to be focust releases where something actually can be
> tested or seen, a feature not just read about in a change-log,
> everyone doesn't read the changelog.
> By the way, to be able to get people test the right thing when a new
> versin is released, we should have a welcome-screen packed with
> information about things changed since last release and so forth,
> this in a way that people can know how to test the new feature. This
> welcome screen could be a page in the WIKI so every developer easy
> can add what they want the testers to try out and how to do it. I
> know this opens for another problem, we need a browser to do that,
> can we add the mozilla-com plugin to the release? Or can we include
> another one?

Uh... Networking?

I know at the very least *I* haven't seen ping working yet... granted I
haven't tried CVS or anything lately since I've not even had the time...

Networking support at the very least should be a staple for most overly
popular cards before you think about trying to require a web page be
displayed for something.  Instead, put a static page on the CD that gets
copied to the installed system.

	- Mike

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