[ros-dev] My attitude

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Sun Dec 4 19:44:04 CET 2005

His attitude doesn't really bother me that much.  Sometimes I feel like 
silverblade in the fact that he makes me feel dumb.  But there is a 
reason for that. ;)

I wouldn't like to see Alex leave, he helps me a lot...


Alex Ionescu wrote:

> Hi,
> It was Steven's idea that I should post this emai and I agreedl, so 
> please don't take it as my personal childish attempt to get attention, 
> unless you find that both I and Steven (our Project Coordinator) are 
> children.
> Steven has recently expressed his opinion that: (modified quote so 
> that "your" -> "my")
> "My arrogant attitude hurts this project more then any amount of code 
> or patches I commit will ever help it."
> Therefore, since:
> 1) I really care about this project
> 2) I don't wish to spend time writing useless code (since no amount of 
> code will help the project more then I hurt it, then the code is 
> useless, like heating a room where the windows are open in winter).
> I think it's important to know if this is a public opinion or not, so 
> I am opening a public ML vote. If it is, then I will gladly leave and 
> stop hurting this project, since those were not my intentions when I 
> joined. If this is the case, then I only regret for having stayed here 
> so long and done nothing but hurt the project for almost two years 
> now, and I'm sorry.
> [ ] Alex's arrogant attitude hurts this project more then his code 
> helps it. Alex should therefore leave, so that the project can stop 
> being hurt.
> [ ] Alex's arrogant attitude is annoying at times but his presence in 
> this project significantly helps it grow and move towards reaching its 
> goals, and does not hurt the project.
> Best regards,
> Alex Ionescu
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