[ros-dev] Software distribution

David Hinz post.center at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 16:31:58 CET 2005

That's similar to the way I would do it: Create a livecd where you can 
choose in freeldr whether you want to boot into livecd or an install, 
but infact the install would be a ReactOS live-session, but instead of 
explorer.exe it would start a graphical installer.
Despite the fact, that we would have to create a graphical installer, 
this should be easy to implement and such an installer could be very 
easily reused for updating ReactOS and always provides the same 
interface to the user.


David Hinz

Bernd Blaauw schrieb:
> Ge van Geldorp schreef:
>> combination of live CD and installable CD, on startup it would ask you to
>> select either "Live" or "Install". The "Install" choice would then 
>> lead you
>> to a fully graphical installer (replacing the blue-screen first stage
>> USETUP). This FullBootLiveCD (we'll need to think about a better name...)
>> would also include some open source packages, ready to install using the
>> package manager.
> Why not boot into the LiveCD, then start installation process from there.
> After all, memory footprint consists of (estimated):
> 1) ReactOS basic system (16MB or so?)
> 2) LiveCD GUI (explorer.exe) (4MB or so?)
> 3) Usetup (4MB or so?)
> Install CD: uses [1] and [3], total 20MB
> LiveCD: uses [1] and [2], total 20MB.
> I don't see any reason not to combine these 2, except if 4MB matter:
> LiveCD (20MB) + Usetup program (4MB) running from the LiveCD desktop 
> environment --> total of 24MB
>> Thoughts, anyone? And please skip the "you should definitely include
>> such-and-such package on the CD" for now.
> If directory name requirements don't conflict, you can already put both 
> the LiveCD and Install CD together on a single CD/DVD by using Isolinux.
> Currently both CDs use the directory named "REACTOS" for their files, no 
> ideas how flexible ReactOS system files are.
> Just a user opinion,
>> Gé van Geldorp.
> Bernd Blaauw

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