[ros-dev] Software distribution

Klemens Friedl klemens_friedl at gmx.net
Sun Dec 11 17:50:50 CET 2005

Good idea GvG.

My ideas:

1) BootCD
2) MiniBootCD
3) LiveCD (aka ReactOS PE)

* the LiveCD provide the graphical part1 setup runtine (like in WinVista)
* the ReactOS Package Manager will allow to choose from default settings for
home, business/professional, laptop, server, cluster, etc. and also provide
an expert mode with several option dialogs.
* a simple wizard gui that will allow to click on a default setting and then
the package manager will first search on the cd itself (if there are the
packages from the setting list located) and then try to connect to the net
and download the required files and install and manage the settings, icons
and account rights. (everything without any user interaction!)
* After a some minutes the pc will reboot and you will be able to use
ReactOS (with all selected packages).

like the current bootcd, text mode part1 setup. package manager will be
available while/after part2 (graphical) setup.

ReactOS PE, like the current livecd + rosapps application files

P.S.: it will/should be possible to add some packages plus a "setting" file
to the BootCD, to make your own unique cd's for your personal requirements.

.. and for open source cd's / distros. Although i don't see the need for a
ros distro, there are also no (real) *BSD distros. GNU/Linux has a lot of
distros. Linux is only the itself kernel. Imagine a linux kernel based
system without the GNU tools/apps, x-window server/client, desktop manager,
etc. Whereas *BSD come with some tools and apps preinstalled.

The conclusion:
GNU/Linux -> distros
*BSD -> no distros
ReactOS -> package manager ;-)

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