[ros-dev] RE: [weiden] 13459: moved smdll to rosrtl...

Casper Hornstrup ch at csh-consult.dk
Mon Feb 7 15:08:19 CET 2005


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> rosrtl. We just_can't_have separate dlls for everything 
> internal,that's what static librariesare for. Unless we want 
> a dll hell evenworse than necessary...
> Ge van Geldorp wrote:
> >I think you are acting unbelievably rude here. Please revert your 
> >change and discuss this on the mailinglist first.
> >
> You're right, I apologize for moving it without permission. 
> If anyone or if the majority thinks this change was right, 
> someone may do it again, I'm not going to anymore. Same 
> applies for epsapi and expat.
> Best Regards

Rosrtl isn't an obvious place to put it. I think it should be a separate
module as before, but possibly a static library instead since it is so


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