[ros-dev] Excuse me. What way...?

Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Fri Feb 18 12:02:53 CET 2005

I think B) will need alot of memmory and cpu power when it comes more that 1
A) will need less memmory and smaller cpu power ageinsts B)
I would like see ros take small cpu power and memmory as posiblty

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> Hi all!
> I post this message, because I would like to read you comments and
> about the way to take to implement multiuser support in the Win32
subsystem of
> ReactOS. Multiuser support for Win32 is, in fact, named "terminal
> There are, as you know, two possible ways. Microsoft was at the same
> when they had to make Win32 in NT 4.0 multiuser.
> a) make multiuser compliant csrss.exe+win32k.sys
> b) load separate instances of csrss.exe+win32k.sys
> B is obviously less expensive, because you do not touch the code in
> and in win32k.sys and therefore you need no more debugging than regular
> user Win32. It is a hack, but it sells very well.
> But Microsoft is committed to market. ReactOS isn't.
> Obviously, as I like challenges (otherwise why would you devote your time
to a
> project like ReactOS?), and clean design in software, I vote for
implementing (a).
> Please comment about:
> - easy/hard;
> - compatible/incompatible;
> - impact on current design;
> - huh?
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