[ros-dev] Build Tools: Compilers and Linkers

Ge van Geldorp gvg at reactos.com
Thu Feb 24 15:22:37 CET 2005

> From: Thomas Larsen
> Could NOT compile reactos with latest mingw package
> for new devs to reactos it could be a problem on
> the webpage it says just use MingW but only the newest 
> seperate version of gcc++ from mingw works why not have 
> "Reactos Own MingW Build tools On reactos.com.." testet tools 
> their work with reactos then no dlltool, compiler and wrong 
> header problems??

mmended_compiler says you need to separately install GCC 3.3.1 and G++ 3.3.1
AFAIK that still works (although most people seem to be using 3.4.2 now)

> Problem: Shlwapi.dll
> Complains about undefined refs. to "f1" "f2" "f123" and so on 
> what could the problem be its the newest svn version and i 
> newer see it before now?

Can you edit shlwapi.spec, remove the "-noname" from these lines:

25  stdcall -noname IsCharAlphaWrapW(long) user32.IsCharAlphaW
26  stdcall -noname IsCharUpperWrapW(long) user32.IsCharUpperW
27  stdcall -noname IsCharLowerWrapW(long) user32.IsCharLowerW
28  stdcall -noname IsCharAlphaNumericWrapW(long) user32.IsCharAlphaNumericW

and let us know if it compiles ok then? "older" binutils (before 2.15.94 I
think) have a problem with forwarding in combination with -noname.

Ge van Geldorp.

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