[ros-dev] packet manager

Maarten Bosma Maarten.Paul at bosma.de
Sun Jan 2 13:48:25 CET 2005

 > I think a web (or local) HTML/XML based application is even better 
for that purpose.
A Linux style application offers much more comfort. For example you 
could update your system with just one click.

 > I wouldn't want to see the complexities of install scripts and phyton 
 > brought upon the poor Windows users' souls.
The user would notice nothing about that. I would be embedded into the 

 > The developers should store their apps as self-extracting EXEs or
 > installation EXEs
But we also want to offer the option to install from source and to 
update. That could not be done that easy.
Also some developers just don't offer install EXEs, but only the zipped 

> Please detail your plans on the wiki so that progress can be maintained.
Done. http://mok.lvcm.com/cgi-bin/reactos/roswiki?PackageManager

Maarten Bosma
     alias Dr. Fred

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