[ros-dev] Re: [ros-diffs] [ion] 12774: Add more Critical Section Debug Data and fix two bugs.

Rob Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Tue Jan 4 07:58:45 CET 2005

Alex Ionescu wrote:

> Joseph Galbraith wrote:
>> ion at svn.reactos.com wrote:
>>> +    DPRINT("Waiting on Critical Section: %x\n", CriticalSection);
>>> +    if (CriticalSection->DebugInfo) 
>>> CriticalSection->DebugInfo->EntryCount++;
>> I'm just reading the diffs here, so I could be way
>> off, but shouldn't this use an InterlockedIncrement...
>> otherwise you could get a context switch between
>> in the middle of your increment to another threading
>> attempting to lock the critical section.  It is just
>> debug information, but still...
> I suppose that makes sense... I'll look into it.
>> Also, looking at the rest of the code, I notice that
>> spin count doesn't appear to be implemented.
> No, not as of now. It was based on WINE code which doesn't implement 
> this yet (AFAIK).

Yes it does. 

> I have been optimizing it and adding more feature to make it stabler, 
> so spin lock support for MP builds was on my list. Thanks for your 
> patch... I'll take a look at it.

It would be good if someone could implement the stack backtrace capture 
functions as we could then remove critsec debugging hacks from all over 
the wine tree.


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