[ros-dev] Who want to help a newbie?

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at studiocerebral.com
Thu Jan 13 01:05:54 CET 2005

Hi yang,
come to irc channel, #reactos, there are many people, and some will
definately answer your question. When I'm online, I can try to help you

With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin (aka "Fireball" on irc).

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From: "yang" <leeews at sohu.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 6:46 AM
Subject: [ros-dev] Who want to help a newbie?

>     Hello everyone!
>     I am a newbie, now I am a sophomore. I learn the C programming
language last year. And one month ago I found this project, and begin to
read the source code last three week. But I found there are to many thing
that doesn't mention in my book. I can't undertand the source code. Who want
to tell me what I had to study and answer some question as a teacher even if
some question may be stupid.
>     Thanks to help a chinese open source software fan.
>     Regards,
>     yang
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