[ros-dev] RE: [Spam] [ros-diffs] [royce] 13154: require attributes to have values

Casper Hornstrup ch at csh-consult.dk
Thu Jan 20 09:23:15 CET 2005

The magic number 1 may be obvious to some, but it isn't to all.
It should be true/false, yes/no or all of the above.



	From: ros-diffs-bounces at reactos.com [mailto:ros-diffs-bounces at reactos.com] On Behalf Of royce at svn.reactos.com
	Sent: 20. januar 2005 07:37
	To: ros-diffs at reactos.com
	Subject: [Spam] [ros-diffs] [royce] 13154: require attributes to have values
	require attributes to have values
	Modified: branches/xmlbuildsystem/reactos/ntoskrnl/ntoskrnl.xml
	Modified: branches/xmlbuildsystem/reactos/tools/rbuild/XML.cpp
	Modified: branches/xmlbuildsystem/reactos/tools/rbuild/module.cpp

	Modified: branches/xmlbuildsystem/reactos/ntoskrnl/ntoskrnl.xml
	--- branches/xmlbuildsystem/reactos/ntoskrnl/ntoskrnl.xml	2005-01-20 06:29:08 UTC (rev 13153)
	+++ branches/xmlbuildsystem/reactos/ntoskrnl/ntoskrnl.xml	2005-01-20 06:36:37 UTC (rev 13154)
	@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
	 	<directory name="ke">
	 		<if property="ARCH" value="i386">
	 			<directory name="i386">
	-				<file first>multiboot.S</file>
	+				<file first="1">multiboot.S</file>

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