[ros-dev] Re: [ros-svn] [ion] 16675: - Freetype Update to 2.1.10.Reduces memory usage, increases speed and fixes drawing bugs.

K uniq at wwsvr.bounceme.net
Fri Jul 22 04:38:19 CEST 2005

Casper Hornstrup wrote:
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>>increases speed and fixes drawing bugs.
>>On Thu, 21 Jul 2005, Steven Edwards wrote:
>>>And before anyone else tries to debate with me patents and the EU I
>>>recommend looking up the following patents.
>>>UK 2232861
>>>FR 90 05712
>>I'll ask a naive question, is it possible to publish through a different
>>jurisdiction... like OpenBSD and SSH required downloads from certain
>>non-US countries?
> The patents only affect the binaries we publish. Since the fonts are so
> poorly rendered without this, I think we should do what Erick proposed.
> Release a version with this disabled for people in US, UK, and France and
> another version with this enabled for the rest of the world. At least for
> the bootable CD. Just because these 417 million people live in countries
> that have stupid patent laws, it doesn't mean that the rest of the 6,029
> million people in the world shouldn't benefit from this.

Just be sure you release an Antarctica version so everyone can get the
good stuff.

Seriously though, you might want to be careful about this road, it may
result in compiling a version for each separate country.


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