[ros-dev] RE: [ros-diffs] [ea] 16854: Various fixex to make HEAD compile.

Casper Hornstrup ch at csh-consult.dk
Fri Jul 29 13:48:31 CEST 2005

Why not just remove the code in #if 0/#endif? It serves no purpose.
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Sent: 29. juli 2005 12:05
To: ros-diffs at reactos.com
Subject: [ros-diffs] [ea] 16854: Various fixex to make HEAD compile.

Various fixex to make HEAD compile.
I hope I did break nothing.
Modified: trunk/reactos/hal/halx86/generic/processor.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/lib/advapi32/sec/trustee.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/lib/advapi32/service/scm.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/subsys/csrss/win32csr/desktopbg.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/subsys/ntvdm/ntvdm.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/subsys/smss/client.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/subsys/system/setup/setup.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/subsys/system/winlogon/setup.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/subsys/win32k/ntuser/keyboard.c
Modified: trunk/reactos/hal/halx86/generic/processor.c
--- trunk/reactos/hal/halx86/generic/processor.c	2005-07-29 09:51:08 UTC (rev 16853)
+++ trunk/reactos/hal/halx86/generic/processor.c	2005-07-29 10:04:38 UTC (rev 16854)
@@ -39,7 +39,9 @@
 HalStartNextProcessor(ULONG Unknown1,
 		      ULONG ProcessorStack)
+#if 0
   DPRINT("HalStartNextProcessor(%x %x)\n", ProcessorNumber, ProcessorStack);
   return TRUE;

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