[ros-dev] Re: New OS built on ReactOS and WinuxOS technology!

Rafal Kupiec betacomp at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 12:42:04 CEST 2005

Maybe my posts sounds a bit aggressive, but I didn't want to write
aggressive posts. Maybe it's that, becouse English isn't my strong side?
I'm not attacking ReactOS. I only write about us project. Maybe is here
someone, who wants to help us make HostiliX really good OS?

I know that maybe sounds funny: We're making OS based on ReactOS and
don't want to help make ReactOS better. But we don't like Windows. We
don't want to do all Windows applications. We want to do completelly new
OS, that will be albe to run Windows applications and use Windows
drivers. None more. We want to do stable, fast operating system. It will
have its own API (subsystem) and for example Posix subsystem. HostiliX
have only Windows base software. It'll not looks like Windows. It's only
architecture and directory structure.

What we don't like in ReactOS? What disturb us?
1) New XML build system. I heared that it should be faster, but it
isn't. After compilation files have 2-3x more size. Standard makefiles
was better.
2) Making ReactOS Windows style. For eg. why do you implementing
explorer to ReactOS? It musn't be there. But, you can write your own
shell. It can looks like any existing shell (eg. Gnome, KDE, LiteStep).
Why just Windows? Is it the most beautifull Operating System?
3) Why all system is compressed to cabinet (CAB) file? Becouse Windows
uses this compresion. Why are you doing all like Microsoft? Is Bill
Gates paying you for cloning his OS? There's better, more beautifull and
 with more capabilities shelles. And all of them are user-friendly!

2/3) You want to do Windows clone, becouse the most poeple use it. So,
you want to do free Widnows. But we want to do completelly new OS, that
what I said it will be able to run Widnows apps and load windows
drivers. That's all. Of course we can cooperate if you want. You can get
our patches from HostiliX's SVN and we can get your patches from
ReactOS's SVN.

Actually we're only looking for people who symphatetic our idea to make
completelly new OS (somethink like modified Windows). On most forum
boards where are Windows Customization sections you can see Windows with
Aqua style (they're changing Windows to look like MacOS or Linux)

Ge van Geldorp wrote:
> Maybe it's a cultural difference, maybe it's because we're both not native
> English speakers, maybe I'm just too sensitive, but.... I think your posts
> sound a bit aggressive. I'm wondering why? What did ReactOS do to deserve
> that tone/attitude?
>>4) We'll not help you by commiting patches to your SVN or 
>>submiting to you diffs.
> You do realize that this will also mean that, as time goes by, it will
> become harder and harder for you to merge in bugfixes from ReactOS into your
> project, since the source bases will drift apart?
> Gé van Geldorp.

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