[ros-dev] New Release - how're you feeling?

Ge van Geldorp gvg at reactos.com
Wed Jun 22 12:48:05 CEST 2005

> From: Murphy, Ged (Bolton)
> I agree with WD about networking. Arty is busy with the new 
> job, and nobody else is working on networking. Considering 
> networking is meant to be the key feature for the 0.3 
> release, then either people need to start working on 
> networking or the 0.3 goalposts need to be changed.

I don't see why the 0.3 goalposts would need to be changed. As long as we're
not comfortable saying "basic TCP/IP networking is implemented now" we just
call the release 0.2.x instead of 0.3.

Gé van Geldorp.

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