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Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Thu Mar 3 15:03:02 CET 2005


Both UTF-7 and UTF-16 are 16bits UTF-16 encoding are bit diffrent ageinst
UTF-7.some link and info about utf-7http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2152.html

UTF-7 Definition

   A UTF-7 stream represents 16-bit Unicode characters using 7-bit US-
   ASCII octets as follows:

      Rule 1: (direct encoding) Unicode characters in set D above may be
      encoded directly as their ASCII equivalents. Unicode characters in
      Set O may optionally be encoded directly as their ASCII
      equivalents, bearing in mind that many of these characters are
      illegal in header fields, or may not pass correctly through some
      mail gateways.

andhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTF-7----- Original Message ----- 
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> Magnus Olsen wrote:
> > The unicode utf-7 is 16bits no more or less
> > example letter  (do not take the asc2 code exacly I always mix the big
> > small letter asc code)
> > 65 (letter A) in hex 0x41 the utf-7 unicode utf-7 look like this then
> > for letter A
> > if the was utf-8 it hav been only hex 0x41 for letter A UTF-8 does have
8 to
> > 32bits range
> >
> > Windows are using utf-7 that why I think the regsiter are being writen
> > utf-7 hex
> As far as I know UTF-7 is very similar to UTF-8, using only 7 bits per
> byte instead of 8, or something similar, it's meant for compatibility
> with systems that don't like use of the full 8 bits. UTF-16 is a 16bit
> encoding. I don't know whether Windows NT's wide characters are meant to
> be UTF-16 or UCS-2 (also 16bit, but without the ability to encode
> characters that need more than 16bits to encode), but my guess it uses
> one of those.
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