[ros-dev] Are there any plans for apache + svn?

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Hi guys:
I was reading about subversion an in fact installed one svn server because I think that I could benefict from using a versioning
system even doing non collaborative programming. Now the part that is related with ReactOS is that svn can be used locally, lite
svnserve and (apache + svn modules) concurrently. I beleive you are using only or mostly:
Are there any chances for us the firewalled to get an apache 2.x listening on port 80? I know you are using apache 1.3.x in
www.reactos.com but the configuration should be very similar. I never mentioned anything like this when CVS because it was probably
too wuch work for those administrating CVS but hey SVN is modern so it comes ready for it with little effort. So it won´t affect
those using the subversion protocol directly. I always had intention to collaborate but never got the chance. I could never do
proper checkouts from CVS using tunnels but this way will be direct so probably this could be my chance  to get in and maybe get
write acces after learning more about svn using it locally on my machine.
Thanks in advance
Regards Waldo Alvarez
[CH] svnserve was chosen for speed and stability and so far, it has proven to be very stable. There have been some discussion on
setting up an anonymous mirror of the subversion repository. It could have both apache2+svn and svnserve. Nothing has been setup yet


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