[ros-dev] Alex has fixed the laptop problem

Thomas Weidenmueller w3seek at reactos.com
Sat Mar 5 12:43:26 CET 2005

Hartmut Birr wrote:

> Hi,
>I think your patch isn't correct. The parsing routine from an object
>must always reference the returned object because an other thread may
>try to remove this object. Since a long time I'm searching for a bug
>which corrupts the registry and which crashs ros on my smp machine. It
>was always triggered by the font substitution query routine from win32k.
>I've added a missing locking operation and moved the referencing into
>the locked region. This fixes my smp crash and may also fix James
>problem. My test condition is compiling ros on ros in one console and
>running ctm in an other one.   
>- Hartmut
I did some more investigation and your patch looks better indeed more 
correct, haven't tried it myself though. I'll tell alex to revert my 
changes from his branch.

Best Regards,

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