[ros-dev] Re: [PATCH] Add full search functionality to ROS regedit

Jan Schiefer cheaterjs at gmx.de
Thu Mar 10 09:07:17 CET 2005

Ge van Geldorp schrieb:
>>From: Jan Schiefer
>>This is a full implementation of the regedit search function. 
> I haven't dug too deep, but there seems to be a memory overwrite somewhere.
> When searching for an existing key name under ReactOS, regedit crashes when
> the key is found. Under Windows, it crashes when I exit regedit.

It works for me under Wine. Ill have to test it under Windows again.

>> :D English and German language available, with other 
>>languages the "Find" 
>>and "Find next" menu points are still disabled.
> Any reason why we shouldn't enable "Find" for other languages?

Ok, I could put english stuff in the .rc files.

> Gé van Geldorp.

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