[ros-dev] Mac OS X clone???

rlangschultz at cox.net rlangschultz at cox.net
Sat Mar 12 12:18:17 CET 2005

To clarify i mean OS X and perhaps even os 9. I know about darwin but i was wondering if there was an os x clone out there. Reactos is a version of windows as this clone will be an open-source version of os x or os 9. 
> From: "Klemens Friedl" <klemens_friedl at gmx.net>
> Date: 2005/03/12 Sat AM 10:42:17 EST
> To: ReactOS Development List <ros-dev at reactos.com>
> Subject: Re: [ros-dev] Mac OS X clone???
> > I was wondering if there was a project that would be doing a binary
> > compatible OS X system. What reactos does for windows maybe this project
> can do
> > for OS X. I was just wondering. I know that pearpc emulates a ppc
> processor,
> > but wether or not a full os exists is the question. I know also that some
> > versions of linux exist for ppc.
> Do you mean MacOS X?
> Darwin has been the open-source OS technology underlying Apple's Mac OS X
> operating system, with all development being managed and hosted by Apple:
> -> http://developer.apple.com/darwin/
> -> http://www.opendarwin.org/
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