[ros-dev] Vote: Allow 3rd-party distribution of ROS through XDCC Bot.

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Sun Mar 13 12:37:04 CET 2005


Right now, someone has set up an XDCC IRC bot to distribute copies of 
ReactOS. While I welcome the move, it raises a question on who is 
responsible for the quality of those files. Even if the person means no 
harm, the files can get corrupted/infected by the following events:

    1) Download corruption
    2) Viral infection
    3) Hard-disk damage

And perhaps many more. In all cases, this would result in unusable, 
dangerous or even damaging releases of ReactOS, which we could not 
control. As such, I propose a vote:

[ ] Yes, allow 3rd-party distribution of the OS through the #ros-xdcc 
channel and ROS-XDCC-001 bot. (support and encourage this distribution)

[ ] Yes, allow 3rd-party distribution of the OS, but it must clearly 
distance itself from officially supported releases (tolerate but do not 
support this distribution)

[ ] No, only sourceforge and other official ReactOS distribution points 
should be used.

Myself I vote for the first choice, but I would like the following to be 

    1) Create MD5 Hashes to verify authenticity
    2) Set up official communications with the bot's maintainer and 
establish a set of guidelines.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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