[ros-dev] FS or not ...

Joseph Galbraith galb at vandyke.com
Thu Mar 17 14:13:55 CET 2005

Oliver Schneider wrote:
>>I give you pudding :-) (The proof is in the pudding right?)
> Yummy :) ...
>>Run WinOBJ and take a look at Device directory.  Notice
>>the \Device\WebDavRedirector device.
> Cannot find it on my W2K Pro.

WinOBJ or \Device\WebDavRedirector... I don't think the webdav
redirector was introduced until WinXP.  And WinOBJ is a sysinternals

> How about the \FileSystem object directory? Does it show there?



>>WebDav is a filesystem driver (of the kind refered to a
>>network redirector, but non-the-less a filesystem driver.)
> Are we talking about WebDAV served by IIS or WebDAV using "Web Folders"
> component as a client (which I thought we talk about)? And about which OS
> are we talking here?

WebDAV using "Web Folders" as a client (I think... definetely not
IIS, I don't have it.)

Windows XP is what I'm looking at... I don't think web folders
were supported for 2000.

In WinXP, you can map a WebDAV url to a drive letter and access
it from a DOS window, or any other win32 program.

That's not a shell extension (unfortunately; it would have been
really cool if shell extensions worked at that level.)



PS. Unfortunately, none of this proves that WebDAV uses a user mode
component :-) That is just what I've heard.  But WebDAV is definitely
a filesystem.

Personally, I think it was wise of MS to not put a full
blown webdav client in the kernel.

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