[ros-dev] Re: [ros-svn] [hbirr] 14296: - Guarded the calls to IoSetCancelRoutine with IoAcquireCancelSpinLock/IoReleaseCancelSpinLock.

Hartmut Birr hartmut.birr at gmx.de
Fri Mar 25 17:09:22 CET 2005

Filip Navara wrote:

> This change seems to break RPC connection reads. I'm currently busy
> working on other things so I can't look at the problem. Any help is
> appreciated... (little test application attached, source available on
> request or in PSDK examples)

I think that is a bug in the rpcrt4 implementation. The receive and send
functions do check for a pending io request in a wrong way.

- Hartmut

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