[ros-dev] New proposed frontpage for reactos.com

Jakob Eriksson jakov at vmlinux.org
Sat Mar 26 21:20:15 CET 2005

Gedi wrote:

> Casper Hornstrup wrote:
>>> I'm up for anything that will move toward a change from the existing 
>>> site.
>>> I do however think the proposed front page lacks a bit of sparkle.
>>> Something that's fancy and pretty with some nice quirky features is
>>> always a good thing fro websites in my book.
>>> However I do understand some people also like the plain and simple 
>>> look.
>>> Regards,
>>> Ged.
>> We need to keep it as small as possible to better handle the slashdot 
>> effect.
>> This is also why it's a plain html page generated every 15 minutes or 
>> so.
>> Casper
> Makes sense.
> Hopefully we can move to a larger pipe in the future as ROS becomes 
> more popular

Does the webserver have the gzip plugin?
Compressed static webpages load fast.


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