bugchecks in CSRSS (was Re: [ros-dev] Service Control Manager, Plug and Pray, SMB and RPC)

ea ea at iol.it
Mon Mar 28 11:59:45 CEST 2005

Eric Kohl wrote:

> Unfortunately ReactOS is causing me some headache because it bugchecks 
> in CSRSS(??) while booting and I couldn't figure out what goes wrong.

After my last changes, somebody was required to clean the local 
repository to boot successfully. It's not clear why.  The registry is 
necessary now to bootstrap, but if you get a bugcheck in the csrss 
process, it seems the SM is OK with it. The only place I imagine a 
bugcheck can happen is init.c, where

1. csrss calls (\SmApiPort) SM to register IMAGE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_CUI
2. SM calls back (\Windows\SbApiPort)
3. csrss sees the green light and bootstraps (initializes)
4. csrss calls SM_COMPLETE_SESSION to tell SM it's OK


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