[ros-dev] Network connection config dialog prototype

Jasper van de Gronde th.v.d.gronde at hccnet.nl
Wed Mar 30 13:01:46 CEST 2005

Andrew "Silver Blade" Greenwood wrote:

> ...
> Can you come up with a design?

I don't know about others, but one thing that has always bothered me 
enormously is that it's hard to get an overview. Perhaps it would be 
possible to list all connections at once in a tree view for example, 
instead of forcing the user to open and close dialogs all the time. It 
might even work to put some of the options in this tree view.
Or perhaps it would be better (as in more attainable) to just open 
property sheets next to tree view instead of forcing the user to 
navigate through multiple windows (first selecting the connection in 
"Network Connections" and requesting its properties, then selecting the 
desired item, click on properties, and then possibly even a click on 

To illustrate my thoughts I've created a mock-up that shows a lay-out 
that would at least be an improvement over the XP layout for me:
For the mock-up source (Glade+Python, if anyone is interested in 
expanding on this idea):

You'll have to imagine the details like icons and so on, but it shows 
the general idea of putting all the connections in one tree view, which 
makes it easy to quickly navigate to the desired property page, to 
switch between property pages (of different connections) to compare 
settings and last but not least it avoids screen clutter! (try 
navigating to the list of IP addresses under Windows, you'll have four 
windows open!!!)

There would definitely be some details to fill-in. Like what to do when 
navigating to a different property page when the current one has been 
modified but not yet applied? But these issues should be possible to 
resolve, either by looking at what other people do or (when lacking 
satisfactory examples) by devising new solutions.

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