[ros-dev] I think I know how uxtheme works...

Robert Köpferl rob at koepferl.de
Thu Mar 31 00:44:30 CEST 2005

Double Full ACK.
I'm questioning long time for what theming is good for. But if 
implementing those stuff - please in a clean/fundamental manner.

Richard Campbell wrote:
> It's enough that we need to implement all of the functionality of a 
> Microsoft OS.  Adding new/different features or making things behave 
> differently only complicates things and makes it harder to nail down 
> compatibility problems.  Theme support is 'extra' and should wait until 
> closer to a 1.0 release.  The GUI itself isn't even functionally 
> complete yet (radio buttons need some work, there is graphical 
> corruption running certain apps like explorer, just try to scroll in 
> explorer).  Resources would better be spent fixing these problems then 
> adding themeing, which would almost certainly make things even more 
> complex than they already are.
> Robert Köpferl wrote:
>> Richard Campbell wrote:
>>> I honestly wouldn't take this approach.  While microsoft may do this, 
>>> you can use a different approach without sacrificing compatibility 
>>> (well, except for maybe anything from stardock.)  Microsoft's 
>>> approach is kind of hackish/kludgy, and even worse, it's slow.
>>> A better approach would be a plugin system.  User32/gdi32/win32k 
>>> would pass off rendering calls to a plugin, which would be 
>>> responsible for the actual drawing.  That way you could completely 
>>> change HOW things are drawn, for instance, you can create an opengl 
>>> accelerated windowing system, etc.  Hmm...maybe i could write a draft 
>>> for such a system....now i'm wanting to code, hehe.  Granted, this 
>>> would probably be better off as a fork or 3rd party project...but 
>>> still...
>> Full ACK.
>> When I first saw the 'super duper new luna GUI' I was disappointed what
>> MS did. It is hackish or set on top. I thought, when they are MS and do
>> have access to the src, why don't they realize some kind of plugin
>> system or do the theming in win32k.sys. So this is one point, where we
>> can do better than the original. (while theming is one of the latter
>> things we need)
>> BTW. there are manny more things we could do different and better than
>> MS. I often ask wether the setup2 must be so simmilar to that of w2k or
>> welcome.exe. It is really a copy. So far.
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