ATT: [ros-dev] VOTE: Switch to Wine Debug System. [3 days remaining]

Alex Ionescu ionucu at
Sat May 21 00:44:20 CEST 2005

Attention all ROS Developers who have not yet voted. There are 3 days 
remaining for this vote.

Best regards,
Alex Ionescu

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>Subject: [ros-dev] VOTE: Switch to Wine Debug System
>>VOTING TOPIC: Switch to Wine Debug System, a run-time configurable Debug
>>System in which various debug modes can be used (TRACE, WARN, FIXME,
>>ERROR, etc). It would use DbgPrintEx along with Debug Filters (just like
>>on XP) which can be configured at run-time in the registry to set how
>>many of the messages to show. I believe the current WINE system has the
>>library doing all this checking, but it's possible they do actually use
>>the NT method. DbgPrintEx and filter states are currently unimplemented
>>in our ntdll/ntoskrnl, so they must be implemented. Additionally, these
>>Debug Messages would only be inserted into the code for a DBG build,
>>just like it is currently done now. Finally, using this system will
>>allow us to better share code with WINE.
>>              - Configurable debugging
>>              - More versatility then just "Print Always" and "Print if
>>I remove NDEBUG"
>>              - Better code sharing with WINE
>>              - Will lead to the implementation of some DbgPrint
>>functions which NT Drivers are bound to use.
>>              - Requires developer time to switch to this system.
>>              - Requires implementing some Kernel Functions.
>>VOTING TIME: 2 weeks. Results announced Monday 23rd at 5PM EST.
>>                                  - Yes! Get rid of DPRINT/DPRINT1 and
>>implement a run-time configurable Debug System with multiple verbose
>>levels, based on WINE syntax and Windows NT implementation.
>>                                  - No! Stick with the current static,
>>compile-time DPRINT/DPRINT1 system.
>>VOTING OPEN TO: Due to the nature of this source-level change, voting is
>>opened only to developers.
>>Best regards,
>>Alex Ionescu
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