[ros-dev] Re: UI Coordinator Vote

James Tabor jimtabor at adsl-64-217-116-74.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
Sat May 21 13:20:48 CEST 2005

mf wrote:
> Hi there,
> James Tabor wrote:
>>> I abstain, as I am unable to make an informed decision at this time.
>> I need more information, Who is Mikko?
>> 8^o
>> James
> Earlier on the mailing list (ros-web, ros-devel, and ros-general all got 
> carbon copies), there was a mail with the subject "Interface team", to 
> which both me and Mikko answered to introduce ourselves. In the event 
> you missed this mail, I'll copywaste the most important part of it:
> ----
> There's interest in forming an interface team, and I think it's worth
> exploring. This team would be responsible for all visual styling that
> goes on in the project. This includes ReactOS UI design and the look &
> feel of the website.
> So far both mf (as known on IRC, and has come up with most of our
> current icons in ReactOS) and Mikko Tikkanen (has done a great mock-up
> for the site: http://devnet.dnsalias.net/guidesign/web_mockup.jpg)
> have shown interest in heading this team. If anyone else wants to
> throw their hat into the ring - feel free to do so.
> ----
> Read the replies and/or ask other ros team members (Informed are Jason, 
> Fireball, and GreatLord) if you need more info on the candidates (that's 
> us :D).
> Best Regards,
> mf (Mindflyer).
Sorry Mf,
I lost 6+ years of Ros email. So I must have lost it.

Mf? okay who are you?


I know there are allot of GDI functions not support yet with Ros, so
is this "team leader" going to setup a list of things we need to do to
get GDI up to date? OpenGL and so on? Basically we are talking about
the gui right? Win32k.sys and all.

B^/ Sun is too bright today,

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