[ros-dev] Static IP behavior with dhcp service

Gge gerard.gatineau at laposte.net
Mon May 23 15:36:06 CEST 2005


Dynamic IP is not working actually for some unknown reason in my Ros 
real hardware as dhcp DISCSCOVERmessage sent to dhcp server (my router) 
by dhcp client has no reply ( noDHCPOFFER received in Ros)
This configuration is working fine in window but it is broken in my box 
( don't know why it is broken but this happened already once ) .

As a alternative solution I setup Hivesys.inf for static IP and I got 
the same dialog problem between dhpcp client and dhcp server .

=> the dhpc client service should not sent a DHCPDISCOVER message to the 
server if the IP address is static in Hivesys.inf ( so different of 
=> The Ip address setup in Hivesys.ing must be taken into account in 
that case.

I have created the Bug 639 for this  issue
The test has been done with svn 15447


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