[ros-dev] New build system ready for trunk

Martin Fuchs fuchs.martin at gmail.com
Sat May 28 13:31:03 CEST 2005

>  This is not a 100% solution to our dependency problems though. There can 
> still be corner-cases where it is needed to manually clean some files, but 
> it will be needed a lot less than today. Also in order to have acceptable 
> performance, we cannot check dependencies on every included file on each 
> make invocation. Therefore, this is currently only checked each time the 
> automatically generated makefile (makefile.auto) is regenerated. 
> Makefile.auto is regenerated each time a build system file (*.xml) is 
> modified. If you need to check the dependencies on files not specified in 
> the build system files "automatic dependencies", then delete makefile.autoand run make again.
Just a little idea:
Could you please insert a target named "depends" in the main makefile, which 
just does this:
  delete makefile.auto
 make all
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