[ros-dev] What Happened

Ged Murphy gedmurphy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 23:05:27 CET 2006

Rick Langschultz wrote:
> "The ReactOS(r) project is dedicated to making Free Software available 
> to everyone by providing a ground-up implementation of a Microsoft 
> Windows(r) XP compatible operating system." Why not say I am sorry 
> ReactOS is off limits to you, the community, because people steal, 
> cheat and lie. It is said that good programmers steal code, and great 
> programmers know whose code to steal... Stealing M$ code is obviously 
> not the wisest choice...
> I will continue to develop my own personal ReactOS code but I don't 
> think I will contribute it to ReactOS. My implementation of the NT VFS 
> over FAT will be rolled into a new project. And be able to be 
> downloaded by ROS developers and community members.
> Ridiculous...

As is your attitude ...

The ReactOS developers have spent thousands upon thousands of hours 
writing a free operating system for the world to use.
It has become so large now, that the inner workings are becoming 
business like, and measures must be put into place to deal with this.
If you can't accept that developers need a place where they can discuss 
topics, have arguments and sort out issues, out of the public eye then 
that's your problem. I'm positive Linux and BSD have somewhere where 
developers can discuss issues, as do most other large (and even small) 
projects  Maybe we should take minutes of any telephone conversations we 
have and post those too?

I for one am glad you won't be committing any code. You attitude sounds 
like it would generate more problems than it's worth.

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