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At 15:01 16/02/2006 -0000, you wrote:

>Sorry, I'm not really sure what your question is.
>After being derailed recently, ReactOS is now being put back on the tracks.
>There is finally a clear path starting to emerge for development to restart.
>There will not be a fork, development work will continue on ReactOS.
>If any of those don't answer your question, can you try to reword it please.


Don't be sorry: I am used with not being understood, and i am quite
sure that this is not because of my "particular english".


Well, my question has been answered to, by the recent answers to
Hyperion post, and, mind you, if you do not understand what i write,
as a matter of fact, it seems that i understand rather well how the
things are going, because since day one of the "problem", when some
other lurkers fellows of mines were under alarm mode about it, i told
them that "the problem will not take years, but 3 months".

And if you could understand my previous question, you would
prefectly understand, also, how and why i was able to predict
the exact time that it would take, before yourselves, whereas
i do not even write C.



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