[ros-dev] Vote: code auditing

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Thu Feb 16 23:42:04 CET 2006

Ged Murphy wrote:

> Vote topic : Ensure code auditing is carried out
> Start date : 16/02/06
> Period : 7 days discussion, 7 days voting
> With the success of proposal B in the recent vote and the old 
> repository reopening for business, we need to discuss ways to ensure 
> the code is audited and doesn't take a backseat.
> Following the correct voting procedure, there will be a 7 day 
> discussion period, followed by a 7 day voting period.
> Until this decision is made, I propose for the repository to be fully 
> open, with developers being diligent with their actions.
> This topic has been discussed somewhat between developers, although 
> not extensively.
> Two viable proposals have so far been put forward and are as follows :
> A - The repository is completely open to all development and ReactOS 
> developers must take it upon themselves to ensure all code is audited.
> B - Sections of ReactOS which require auditing are 'locked', that 
> being that the source is fully available to download and build, but no 
> development work should be undertaken until the said code has passed 
> the audit. The lock will be removed only when that section of code has 
> been audited.
Well it looks like you and Art are both doing your own thing...
But same question goes to you:
"The lock will be removed only when that section of code has been audited."
Does this mean any part of the code during the audit found to be dirty 
need to be rewritten before it is unlocked?  And if so, how long before 
you think the kernel will be unlocked?

> Discussion of these topics and any further proposals should be in 
> reply to this topic.
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