[ros-dev] 0.3.0 RC1 Update

WaxDragon waxdragon at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 16:34:05 CEST 2006

HAX would be fine.  What really need to be tested is the livecd.  Last
time I checked, networking didn't work at all under vmware or qemu.  I
can test that tonight, unless someone gets to it first.

On 7/11/06, Murphy, Ged (Bolton) <MurphyG at cmpbatteries.co.uk> wrote:
> WaxDragon wrote:
> > The only bug
> > I'm concerned about right now is the broken links in the start menu,
> > which I think is even fixed in trunk.  Nothing else can really be
> > addressed at this point.
> That is easily fixed with a small hack in the explorer code.
> It's certainly not a correct fix, but it will ensure the links work for this
> release and allow us to move on.
> If you agree, I'll change it tonight.
> Ged.
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