[ros-dev] MSCoder magazine proposal

Katarzyna Chauca katarzyna.chauca at software.com.pl
Thu Jun 1 08:50:43 CEST 2006

Thank you for your email.
> This sounds interesting and I think some devs here could be interested
> in writing articles _after_ the release of 0.3.
> Could you maybe provide a bit more information about your magazine?
> E.g. how many readers you have, if your magazine will pay money for
> articles (a very good motivation for writing one, but I think some devs
> would also write articles for free) and so on.
MSCoder is a new magazine - it will be publish in october for first time. But 
there there are many people interested in. 
We do pay - not much : 25 euros per 1 page in the magazine 
But most of our autors work for free - they can ask suscriptions for our 
magazines (you can see all of them in www.buyitpress.com)

> By looking at your magazines website I also got the impression, that you
> are only publishing articles in German, Spanish and French.
Yes thats true 
> If that's the case, I would like to translate articles written in
> English into German, as I think I know enough to do this, but not enough
> to write my own articles.
We can talk about it but it depends how much we will have to pay ;-)
Couse there is a possiblity to work as a translater for all our magazines. 
Best Regards 
> Greets,
> David Hinz
> Katarzyna Chauca schrieb:
> > My name is Kate Chauca and I represent MSCoder Independent magazine for
> > developers using Microsoft platforms (www.mscoder.eu/es).
> > We would like to invite all of you to help us to promote ReactOS. We are
> > looking for people who will write articles about ReactOS for our
> > magazine. We would like to place live ReactOS on the CD of our magazine.
> > If you find it interesting please let me know. Every one can cooperate
> > with us.
> > Best Regards
> > Kate Chauca
> > katarzyna.chauca at software.com.pl
> > www.mscoder.eu/es
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